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Discover Two Exclusive Costumes

Unique costumes can be acquired in two worlds.
Put them on your Nine Chronicles character, or trade them for the prices below!

Current price of Brown Valkyrie
Current price of White Valkyrie


  • Daily Adventure

    You can explore the world you choose once a day. Count resets at 00:00 UTC. Bounties are limited each day. Grab yours fast – first come, first served!

  • Playstreak reward

    For every 0th play,
    you'll receive a playstreak reward.

  • 2 BNB

    Every week, BNB will be given away. The more you explore, your chance of winning will increase.

    • 1 Adventurer will be drawn from each world, except Asgard currently, based on the play records.
    • One adventurer will be awarded 1 BNB via raffle and the others will be awarded 0.25 BNB each.
    • Winners will be announced on Nine Chronicles X (formerly Twitter) official account.

Nine Chronicles

Explore Nine Chronicles, the revolutionary blockchain RPG where you own your assets and characters.

Use earned items and WNCG in Nine Chronicles to unlock even more rewards!

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